Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Haircut

Taevin got his first haircut today.



And after:

He seems to approve:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taevin's Great-Grandparents

Taevin's greatgrandparents appeared this morning. Taevin was excited to see them:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Months Old!

Taevin just keeps getting bigger and cuter every day. Here is the photographic evidence on the day he turned five months old.

Taevin at 5 months

I think this is now my official favorite picture of Taevin.

Taevin at 5 months

Taevin and Mommy

Taevin at 5 months
Hey, get out of my limelight!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Belly Laughs, Elephants, and Upsidedown

Taevin has been laughing at us for awhile, but he just recently developed a belly laugh. It is the most adorable thing ever.

Also, apparently he is ticklish.

When we went out to eat last night, I was holding Taevin's elephant rattle (inherited from Mommy's brothers and sisters) for him trying to get him interested in it. All of a sudden I notice that he was holding it with both hands. He spent a good portion of the meal chewing on the elephant. He also played Lily's favorite game of "Throw the Toys on the Floor and Make Mommy Pick them Up." Chris snapped this picture before he threw it on the floor.
Elephant Rattle

After we got home, Chris got Taevin out of his seat. I had gone out of the room for something and when I got back, this is what I saw:
Taevin and Daddy
Chris said that it was Taevin's idea...

"I don't know what he is talking about Mom, honest."
Taevin and Daddy

Also, though there are no pictures or video yet, Taevin has now rolled from tummy to back twice since last night. Once was just 5 minutes ago. Andrew will be excited.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Taevin and Andrew like hanging out together at Auntie Em's.

Hi buddy!

I think Andrew is teaching Taevin how to roll over so that they can play together more.

4 Months Old!

Taevin is now 4 months old as of Thursday. I got a few pictures before dropping him off at Emerald's and then some more when we got home.

Taevin is getting so big. His current measurements (as of Friday) are:
Length: 24.25 inches - 25th percentile
Weight: 15 lb 15 oz - 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.25 cm - 25th percentile

Remember his 1 month pictures when he was the same length as the bear? Notice that the teddy bear only comes down to his knees now.

4 Months Old

Look at that smile.
4 Months Old

Taevin loves staring at the fan. He thinks it is fascinating.
4 Months Old

Sitting up.
4 Months Old

...And over he goes...
4 Months Old

4 Months Old

Taevin is working on his push ups. He wants to be as strong as his uncles Harmon and Johner.

4 Months Old

4 Months Old

4 Months Old

Man, this is hard work. I am tired.
4 Months Old

Bye for now. Love you lots, Muah!
4 Months Old

Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 month pictures

Hmm, these are a little late. They were taken on time though. I have just been really slow getting them posted.

July 26th we were traveling back from Marnie and Toph's wedding. We stopped at a rest stop in Monahans and decided to take advantage of the nice grass and landscaping to take Taevin's 3 month pictures.

We brought his bear because we knew that we would be gone during his birthday.
He is a lot bigger than the bear now.

Here he is with Daddy.

And with Mommy.

I laid down on my stomach in the grass to take this picture and apparently did so in a bed of chiggers. I was COVERED in horrible itchy red bumps for over a week. All that pain and this picture didn't even come out well...

And for the cuteness factor; here is a picture of both of my boys in their tuxes after the wedding. I love this picture.